Getting it done

Who am I?

I am Texas Army National Guard Chaplain H.B. Bender and author of Jesus, The Greatest Warrior.

About this site and Jesus, The Greatest Warrior Book

For Military Personnel

My new book Jesus, The Greatest Warrior and this companion website, specifically the Warrior’s Blog, together address the component that is often missing in the treatment of combat operational stress and PTSD…spirituality. This site provides a forum for service members and their family members to normalize their combat and reintegration experiences, as well as a directory of faith-based resources to assist in healing their hurt and successfully reintegrating with society.

For Everyone Else

Life is a battle.  It would be nice if battles were restricted to those in the military, but they are not.  The book Jesus, The Greatest Warrior and this website are designed to provide support for you in the battles of your life, whatever those battles may be.  The Chaplain’s Blog is intended for everyone and includes forums for discussion, question and answer, encouragement, and support through prayer.

Features of the site

FREE excerpts of the book

What I am by far most excited about on this website is being able to offer the most important parts of my book, Jesus, The Greatest Warrior free of charge on the free excerpts page.  These are the chapters that answer the question, “How can I know for sure that I will go to Heaven when I die?”  I encourage you to use the “Share / Save” feature at the bottom of every page to let others know about this most important information.

Read through the Bible in a year

Let this be the year you read the Bible in its entirety.  Join the discussion in the forum titled Daily Bible Reading to contributing your insight, comments, application, or questions.

On the right column you will see a Daily Bible Reading plan with each day’s scripture passage listed.  Just click on that link and you will be taken immediately to that passage at  Read the passage and then come back and share what God has taught you that day with the rest of us.  Or, perhaps you can provide a word of explanation to a fellow believer. Let’s grow together by learning from all of God’s word.

Follow Jesus

You may not ever hear the voice of Jesus in your lifetime, but you can receive tweets from Jesus every day.  Click on the “Follow Jesus” applet on the right of your screen and sign up for the “tweets in red” and you will receive the words of Christ straight from the Gospels in 140 characters or less, as well as other updates about the blog.  Jesus said, “Come, follow me!”  Are you a follower of Jesus?  Sign up today and forward to other believers who could use a word from our Lord everyday.

Online Spiritual Resources

In the column on the right, you will also see some of the best online resources available to help you grow in the faith and learn how to overcome whatever struggle God is bringing you through.  Two of the best devotionals are Our Daily Bread and Daily Dosage of Spurgeon.  Grow and enjoy.